The Petralthan Pillaiya Trust (PTP) has developed and incorporated this refund policy as part of its commitment to honor and respect the financial contributions that people make to PTP.

PTP will examine each request for refund of donation but will only consider making the refund of such donation if you have complied with the terms and conditions of this Refund Policy.

PTP is not obliged to make refunds and may, in its sole discretion, decline any requests for refund of donations, particularly with respect to those donations where PTP has received a tax exemption certificate from the concerned tax authority.

If you would like PTP to refund your donation, following are the steps that need to be followed while requesting for a refund.

You must make a written request to PTP by addressing an email to within 5 (five) calendar days from the date on which you made the donation (“Refund Request Period”)

You acknowledge and agree that no claim for refund of donation shall stand valid if made after the completion of the Refund Request Period. No donation will be refunded in part. The email must contain the following details pertaining to the donation including the reason for requesting refund.

  • Date of cheque/ demand draft or date on which the donation was made using electronic means.
  • The amount of the donation.
  • If donation was made through cheque/demand draft, please provide Cheque/Demand Draft number.
  • If donation was made online through our website, please provide Donation-ID.
  • Your Permanent Account Number
  • Payment receipt, transaction ID, or reference number received upon making such payment of the donation.

PTP may request for further information/documents if required. Upon receiving all requisite information and/or documents along with your request, PTP will consider your request for refund and, at its discretion, may provide its decision regarding acceptance or rejection.

If your request is rejected by PTP, then such rejection shall be final and binding on you.

If your request is accepted by PTP, then the trust will initiate the refund process. While PTP will endeavor to complete the refund process at the earliest, PTP does not guarantee any specific timeline within which the refund may be completed. If PTP cannot, for any reason whatsoever including convenience, complete your refund of your donation in the same manner in which the donation was received, then PTP shall refund your donation in any manner that is acceptable to PTP and you shall co-operate with PTP and provide all necessary details that PTP may require (for example, your bank account details, etc.) to complete the refund, failing which PTP may decide to reject your request at any point in time.