Medical Support

While the initial focus of the Trust was on medical support for HIV positive children, many things have changed since then. There is a lot more awareness on HIV and the quality of medicines and drug protocols have improved, so although there is no cure it has become easier to manage the infection. Sometime ago, many children born with HIV rarely survived beyond the age of 15. Today, many of our own children are over the age of 20 and are doing very well. Our children still need medical support, which we provide based on need as per our policy guidelines. In addition, the efforts of the Trust include counselling the children to manage their life through healthy living practices that bolster the immune system. However, the need was felt to look at other aspects too in preparing children to live with HIV and yet has a fulfilling life.

Child Interaction Programme

The Trust has instituted an effort called the Child Interaction Programme that seeks to ensure constant and ongoing contact with all the children. Our children are located across Tamilnadu in many many small villages and towns. Rather than interacting with a local NGO to contact them once or twice a year the Trust has taken advantage of the telecom boom and is in telephonic contact with all the children and their caregivers. We have a team of counsellors who call out every day sometimes just to say hello but also to answer questions and queries and understand the children better. The fear of stigma and the anonymity of a phone call enables them to open up and talk with our counsellors on a variety of issues. The counsellors guide the children on career choices, mentor them through hard times and encourage them when their spirits are down. There is also a 24-hour number where children or caregivers can reach out to the Trust for help and support. Thanks to this ongoing interaction, the Trust has understood the needs of the children better and is actively seeking new ways to help them.

Education Support

Over the years, the Trust realised that many children dreamed of higher education and a better life but were struggling due to lack of finances. Sadly, many of the children have lost their parents early and are brought up by aunts, uncles and even grandparents. Thanks to our support, many of our children are studying and some have even gone on to complete their degree and get a job.

General Development

As part of the effort to prepare children for the future, the Trust is working on imparting soft skills and better communication skills as well as some spoken English to the children through a series of phone based sessions. These are free and easy to access especially for children living in remote areas as well as those who have a heavy burden of study and family responsibilities. Delivered through volunteers and members of the Trust, the children are receptive and keen to improve themselves and their lives.