The Petralthan Pillaiya Trust is an initiative to reach out to vulnerable children and provide them support necessary to overcome the hurdles they face in life. It is a joint effort by iconic actor Kamal Haasan and Rajeev Nambiar, President and CEO of popular Tamil radio station Hello FM, the latter in his personal capacity. The name of the Trust (which loosely translates as All Children Our Children), reflects its vision to involve the community at large in reaching out to these children.

The words Petralthan Pillaiya? literally translated mean, “Should one be a biological parent to provide love and care?”

Numerous social, cultural and medical issues often leave children to fend for themselves - vulnerable, orphaned, abandoned, and at the mercy of society. This poses a great challenge to our sense of humanity, our instincts for parenthood and the ability to universalize our capacity for love.

The words challenge us, making us seek the answer within and giving us the responsibility to answer the needs of these children.

It is this spirit of universal care and love that has been captured in the name of the Trust and in our objectives.

One of our children is HIV positive and fifteen years old. He scored 450 out of 500 in his 10th standard exams and dreams of becoming a doctor.

His mother wants to give him the best possible education. However, the fees are much higher than she can pay by herself by working in the fields.

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One of our children is fourteen years old and lives with her mother. Her father died of AIDS and her mother earns very little and struggles to provide basic food and clothing for herself and her child.

They have been ostracised from their families and do not have any outside financial and emotional support.

Last year, she fell seriously ill, requiring hospitalisation. She had continuous stomach problems and lost over six kilos in this period. Through the efforts of the Petralthan Pillaiya Trust, her mother could claim insurance to cover the hospitalisation and treatment costs for her daughter.

Today she is stronger and more active. Through your contribution, the Petralthan Pillaiya Trust helps many children like her. To donate, click here.